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orchard dazzling debut modern agricultural fair of Guangdong

  the League Central Committee, the Ministry of Agriculture organized by the “ the postal savings bank of China Youth Cup ” agricultural entrepreneurial wealth of the contest since the launch, the country more than 37000 enterprises to participate in the competition, we fruit franchise chain model projects come to the fore, the semi-final success, becoming one of the last 60 business. And was invited to participate in the fifth session of the Guangdong provincial modern agriculture exposition organized by the Guangdong provincial government free (hereinafter referred to as “ agricultural fair ”).

Is this game only a fruit of chain operation enterprises, mutual exchanges and from all over the country participating representatives, mutual understanding. The organizers also specially to give our special booth, see, tall!

“ agricultural fair ” in 2014 November 14-16 day in Guangzhou International Exhibition Center Pazhou hall, from national merchants, residents about one hundred and fifty thousand people attended the event. The core booth and unique form of multiple art exhibition, attracted a large number of people to visit and to stop.

In agricultural fair, the organizers specially give us the location of the main to show business style, and the successful business model; with the novel fruit art modeling, exquisite fruit carving, happy fruit culture, attracted a large number of audience, and photographed in succession!

Although the venue limited conditions and seasonal special fruit is not much, but through careful arrangement of people, in order to perfect the fruit color, shape, carving collocation, fully demonstrated the fruit culture of happiness! To a broad audience vividly shows the green, healthy and Sun Life philosophy!

Beginning in November 15th 9 a.m., exhibition, the audience into the venue, catches the eye is a propaganda big Yi Labao, specially on the main entrance on the right side of us, those who enter the venue staff can see at a glance. The current agricultural fair, exhibitors scale, by the people's network to publish the article named the history, but also to take this opportunity to come to exhibitors tens of thousands of people, to show the brand image, greatly enhance the brand visibility.

Blew the fruit is particularly eye-catching, each flower heart carved, true to life likeness. Every visitors to take photographs of forwarding circle of friends, and the mascot is proud to photo small partners the opportunity to show. Look, we are the member of Guangzhou “ POSE” beauty?

In the booth, we recommend to customers of the business philosophy, to tell customers why so delicious fruit.

Vice governor of Guangdong province Deng Haiguang also came to the booth before the visit, to the development of the said greatly praise and pointed out that, Guangdong province will be the Agricultural Expo as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, deepen agricultural exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the agricultural brand construction, improve the level of agricultural modernization.

The 3 day of the exhibition, a person with full spirit, happy fruit culture, delicious delicious fruit, a good image to show the people all exhibitors. In addition to the vast majority of citizens in Guangzhou say know, national news media have also reported the initiative, let us proud.

The second day Agricultural Fair grand occasion, also at preferential prices to share our fruit and the audience, let more people enjoy the delicious fruit, enjoy the green, healthy fruit good life. In November 16th, the Agricultural Expo Closing ceremony, in the current agricultural fair, we left a deep impression on him, and fully display the happy fruit culture, enhance the brand image and visibility, we “ let the world people to enjoy the fruits of good life ” mission once again has been fully embodied.

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