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Subversion of tradition - "full cold chain" Lai Chi struc

The litchi orchard base in , just ripe I and small partners to be picked off.

A few minutes later, we were transported to the processing plant litchi for professional medical, health and we are here for picking, packing.

Wow, good happy ah, there are a lot of my little partners: Nuomici, Guiwei, seedless Mandarin red Feizixiao varieties, such as, because Jiang orchard has been committed to do the best to eat fruit, so we are carefully selected, is of the highest quality varieties.

Then, we used the --&ldquo preservation method is the most natural; the entire cold chain ”, and in the most efficient mode of transportation to orchard terminal stores and customers friends to meet oh.

&ldquo from the origin to the shipping to stores; the entire cold chain ” don't interrupt is my subversive trip! We come as one orchard shop to buy it.

 orchard tips:

Suitable crowd: the general population can eat litchi, especially for maternal, old, weak constitution, aftercare edible; anemia, stomach cold and halitosis.

Fresh keeping method of litchi: suggest you every time a small amount of purchase, purchase quantity is best can eat the same day, if not finished, must be put into the refrigerator cold storage preservation, but is not easy too long storage, the best food is completed in 1-2 days.


eat litchi get angry how to do?

Add litchi peel immersed in dilute brine, and then into the refrigerator after edible ice, not only will not get angry, but also the solutions of delay, but also increases the appetite oh.

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