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Congratulations to get the "Guangzhou city food business"

Recently, CO sponsored by the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region newspaper and Shenzhen City Food Industry Association and other seven Association, aims to improve the level of food safety, promote the food brand construction, raise public awareness of food safety, protect the 2014 annual &ldquo public health and life safety of the Shenzhen food business card; ” enterprise activities chosen results have publicity, the selection activities participate in many enterprises, but in the end only 11 companies selected, had the honor awarded “ Shenzhen city food business card ” honorary title (the current publicity).

This activity screening of candidates, from the list of enterprises to determine the list of enterprises, the selection to the results publicity lasted more than a month.

The selection is divided into three stages:

One is the customer to vote, vote by all circles of the society through the network, such as micro-blog network channel; 
Two is the expert on-site inspection of each link, is mainly a group of experts on-site viewing enterprises food safety control; 
Three is the enterprise standard management review, mainly various kinds of control systems and the annual audit etc. expert group to check the enterprises.

To receive this honor, reflects the Shenzhen Food Association and the Shenzhen City Hall on highly affirmed in the practice of social responsibility etc.. It also motivates people to keep their sticking to our “ let the world to enjoy the fruits of good life &rdquo the great mission.

The award is the person up and down together at home and abroad, the result is, on human “ ten years grinding sword, stick around ” enterprise culture and “ &rdquo strategy to create delicious; fruit chain brand recognition and feedback. At the same time, but also to enhance the brand visibility and reputation, improve all the pride and a sense of identity!

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